Thursday, April 2, 2009

96 Bottles of Beer in My Trunk

As you may know, my most beloved beer has been rebranded and I've been mourning its death ever since I first heard about the change. But, it seems I get to spend a few more weeks (okay, maybe days, we'll see) with my old pal.

Earlier this week I found myself at a random grocery store in nearby Bellevue. Meaning only to pick up a couple of items, as I browsed the aisles I thought to myself maybe, oh maybe, they'd be carrying the OLD Old Style. Much to my surprise there it was in all its glory! The old Old Style Light.

[Can you say goldmine?]

Having only a few items in my hands I quickly dumped them in the beer cooler and raced to the front of the store for a cart (I needed both hands to run at full speed). I sprinted back, hoping that no one had found my goldmine in the 22 seconds it took for me to grab a cart...and they were still there. I had but one choice: Empty the freakin' shelves.

Moments later, 96 cans of the old Old Style rested peacefully in my trunk.

[Precious cargo.]

Sharing my love of the old Old Style, Piper (have you read her amazing blog?) helped me unload the mother load...and then drink a few, of course! Clearly we had to document this very special moment.

[I was a little bit excited.]

[Reminiscing about the old days.]

[I love you. DON'T LEAVE ME!]

Now two cases reside in my fridge, while the others have been placed in a fire-proof lock box for a special occasion, or perhaps for a very sad moment that calls for liquid when the last of the first 48 is drained.

[The first 48 in their new home.]

[Produce gets the boot so that Old Style has a safe place in the crisper. Priorities, people.]

Thanks, Pipes, for sharing in my grief and for this brief but miraculous resurrection. Looks like Easter came early this year.


  1. It makes my heart race! You know how some people are filled with the spirit of the lord? Well, I'm not, but I certainly would like to be filled with some of that Old me a few!

  2. I think had you and Billy ever gotten the chance to know each other more, you would have developed a beautiful friendship.

  3. I can't stop laughing! Remember the photo of you "playing" your keyboard of Old Styles?! AHHHH.

  4. fucking A.

    i don't know how i missed this blog entry, but, once again, i'm cracking up!!

  5. Yummy. This is the most heavenly sight these eyes have seen in some time.